GCLOBA Microscope
May 2020

Welcome to the first and maiden edition of GCLOBA Microscope. This is a quarterly e-magazine publication aimed at providing an interactive platform between GCL students and our GCLOBA old boys community. With a community, 41 years rich with experience, wisdom, professionals, life lessons, and many much more, students are now endowed and presented with a unique GCLOBA gateway to accessing resources in the OBA like never before.

Long before now, the OBA has become a consistent and positive feature in the learning experience of the students and this is a continuation of that intervention and restoration tradition of our OBA. Lending a hand, Restoring our legacy, Paying it forward, and advancing our culture of excellence, leadership, professionalism, mutual respect, and love of brotherhood.

We encourage and welcome your comments, suggestions, criticisms, and advice on how to make this publication richer, engaging, life-changing, and rewarding to our Student and OBA community.

We hope you enjoy this maiden edition just as much as we have enjoyed putting this together in the last 14 months.

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