A story. A history. A bond!

As we go back memory lane to our days at GCL, not as accomplished individuals, but as young boys filled with dreams and aspirations. Then, we were united by our desire to make a difference, to carve our own paths, and to leave an indelible mark on the world. It was there we were shaped into the men we are today. We have gone on to become successful entrepreneurs, respected professionals, dedicated public servants, and pillars of our communities. We have also excelled in countless fields, from medicine to law, from arts to sciences, and from business to philanthropy. Our collective accomplishments stand as a testament to the solid foundation we received from our beloved institution.

However, as we celebrate our 49th Founder’s Day, let us not forget the values instilled in us during our time at GCL. It was not just the academic education that shaped us, but also the moral and ethical teachings that guided our actions. Our alma mater emphasized the importance of integrity, compassion, and service to others. These values have served as a compass throughout our lives and have contributed to our success and fulfillment.

Yet, it is not just our individual achievements that define us. It is our shared experiences, our camaraderie, and the enduring friendships we forged while growing and learning together. The bonds we formed during our time then transcended social, cultural, and economic backgrounds.

Today, we stand as brothers, bound by the memories and the shared values that have stood the test of time. As we celebrate this DAY, let us celebrate not only our achievements but also the indomitable spirit that unites us. Let us acknowledge the sacrifices made by our teachers, who molded us into men of character and imparted a love for learning. Let us express our gratitude to our families for their unwavering support and for sharing in our successes and failures. And let us pay tribute to the countless alumni who, throughout the years, have kept the flame of our Association burning bright. UP SCHOOL, UP GCL


*Rear Admiral Leye Jaiyeola (rtd) mni*

*National President, GCLOBA*

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