Good evening to all my very distinguished Colleagues, both seniors and juniors alike.
First, let me give all the glory to the Almighty God for the privilege of being alive and available to serve. Then of course to my primary Constituency, the GCLOBA FAMILY for another landmark in the history of the Association. Our founding fathers, the BOT members, all Past Presidents, the Out-going EXCO under the able leadership of the indefatigable Anthony Akinajo (AA), and the Electoral Committee for doing a yeoman’s job. Indeed, for the Family, it’s a learning process and the beginning of greater things, as we keep consolidating progressively in unity…. which remains our mantra “CPU”.

My desire to run for the Office of the National President of GCLOBA is borne out of my strong belief that we cannot make a difference from the outside. Having served as the Secretary of the Interim GIC, prior to this out-going EXCO and then another privilege of serving in one of the Standing Committees, the Development Committee of the same EXCO, I could see that GCLOBA has great potential, in terms of human resources and capacity to transform the School from its present state to becoming one of the very best Model Schools, not only in Lagos but also the Country. I salute the courage and doggedness of previous administrations, despite obvious challenges and criticisms. No doubt the job of building Rome, was not done in a Day. We have begun the journey of rebirthing our Alma Mater and for us, it is forward ever.

I will also seize this opportunity to acknowledge the CPU team, and how for the love of the school, within two weeks we were able to easily bond and relate seamlessly during electioneering campaigns. To every member of the Team, starting from the DG of the Campaign Team……I say thank you. Indeed, we are just starting…. your services now will be very much needed as we forge ahead in building a UNITED HOME. Let me equally to call on every member of the FAMILY, to come on board. It’s time to build a HOME, irrespective of our economic or social status, we belong to this unique FAMILY, GCLOBA. As the days progress, the Incoming EXCO will roll out a detailed programme, which is open to inputs, suggestions, and other novel ideas towards consolidating progressively on the already laid foundations.

It is therefore my honour and privilege, on behalf of the Team, to accept your electing me to the Office of the NATIONAL PRESIDENT OF GCLOBA. I thank you for this opportunity which is not taken for granted.

GCLOBA National President-Elect

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