Top Ten Moments of 2018 in GCLOBA – 2

2. Increased Consciousness from members

One of most remarkable achievements of GCLOBA in 2018 is the growing consciousness amongst the GCLOBA family. More than ever, members are now conscious of what happens within and outside the association.

in solidarity members of GCLOBA across class sets pose for a photograph

This is evident in the way members turned up for elections, and the way members respond whenever issues regarding GCLOBA is raised on Social media.

Members patronized the association in the form of buying memorabilia . we also had some members give to the school in their own way ‘-one of such is Taiwo Afolayan who spent his 3 weeks leave teaching Mathematics in GCL.

More class sets were also discovered and brought into the GCLOBA family . This includes but is not limited to the 1999 set, and the 2008 set .

We also saw great synergy between class sets as different class sets engaged each other in novelty football games .


GCLOBA connect as Oliver Oqua of the 1989 set hangs out with Bolakale Sikiru of the 2003 set in Houston Texas, USA. Many interactions amongst Old boys across Class sets saw a steep uptick in 2018. A deeper penetration and engagement is increasing. Indeed 2018, was a great awakening in GCLOBA.


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