Current Images from School – January 2016

Current Images from School – January 2016

These images were sent in from our colleagues on ground at our school.  See images here…..

The images paint a sordid picture, one of neglect and deliberate ruin. But it need not be so. Against this backdrop, we make an earnest call to all Old boys at home and abroad to rise up to this challenge to reverse these images and status of our Alma Mater. We must support our elected colleagues and executives at home and abroad.

We have a consensus on what the problem is, what we need now is the will and resolve to reverse this decay. We have all encountered tougher challenges in the past both individually and collectively. This current state of our school is no match for our resolve and collective will.

Together we will overcome this neglect and ruin and have our word for this generation and those yet unborn.

See images here…..

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