Here’s a summary of what happened between Monday, June 4th – Saturday, June 9th 2018, and what to expect from GCLOBA in the near future.



The week started on a high with the GCL football team – the spotless boys- defeating Ikotun Senior Secondary School by three (3) unreplied goals in the team’s first game at the ongoing principal’s cup.


However, there was fear of the team crashing out after the team lost it’s second game, this time to Elepe Secondary school by two goals. The game which ended GCL 0, Elepe 2, had mercurial midfielder Favour missing for the GCL team amidst other injury issues suffered by some key players.

On Friday, June 8,  members of the GCL family had high expectations as the spotless boys of GCL headed for the pitch against Eko Boys. This time the GCL team must win to progress into the next stage of the tournament ( Quarterfinals). The team was in high spirit before the game. That high spirit was threatened when early in the second half the boys from “Idi Oro” -Eko boys took the lead, but like Real Madrid did in the final of the UEFA Champions League against Athletico Madrid 3 seasons back, the spotless boys of GCL came back within minutes, and ended up winning the game by 4 goals to Eko boys 1 goal.

This win took the spotless boys of GCL to the top of the table, thereby sending them to the Quarterfinal stage as table leaders. The Quarterfinal opponent is yet to be known as at the time of typing this report.



In the near future we look forward to the following activities:

– Principal’s Cup: On Tuesday, June 12, 2018 the spotless boys of GCL take to the pitch again, this time in Quarterfinal stage. The opponent, time and venue of the match will be communicated shortly. Our desire is to see the team get to the final and bring the trophy to GCL.

– Inauguration: Inauguration of the incoming EXCO comes up on the 24th of June 2018. The time and venue of this historic event shall be communicated as soon as it is confirmed.

– Other activities: Other activities and programs or intent of the incoming EXCO will be communicated to members as soon as the EXCO gets inaugurated.

Thank you for your time. Join us again soon, as we bring you another issue of GCL UPDATE.


P.R.O Elect.

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