Happy New Year in Advance

Happy New Year in Advance

Happy New Year 2016 in Advance

Dear Comrades,

Happy New Year in advance, Amen.

You may have noticed from my Christmas message to us, I addressed us as ‘Comrades’, it was not a mistake, it was very intentional and descriptive of our journey together as Old Boys of Government College Lagos. For and by the reason of our shared, common and collective desire, aspiration and passion to revive, restore, relive and expand the dream and legacy of our school, we have become comrades.

Adeniran-OgunsanyaWe must and will unify our strengths, connection, wealth and resources to achieve whatever steps that we are required and demanded to take to achieve that restoration, transformation and expansion. If by reason of the dream and vision of one man, Late Pa Chief Adeniran Ogunsanya, GCL was birth, then it’s legacy cannot be compromised by the absence of conviction and commitment to that dream and vision by one or a few men.

We must therefore engage to enlighten them to the determination to the actualisation of our common aspiration for that legacy, I therefore send out a clarion call to all Old boys at home and in the diaspora to oblige us speedily by doing the following:

1: Fulfil your financial obligation to the association by paying your 2016 annual due of ?2,500.00 into the GCLOBA account: GT Bank, GCLOBA Acct. No: 0012262671 Ahead of the preparation and ratification of the 2016 Budget “The Alumni office/secretariat needs the funds to run effectively. (We should be thinking of a review of that annual due?)

2: Commit to be a participant in the “Give Up a shoe and wears campaign by contacting the National Welfare and Social Secretary on how to get the stuff across to them for the benefit of the student and indeed any Old Boy. This is in the spirit of “Lean on me, when you are not strong”, “Lend a hand, and Save a soul”.
You can reach the following Exco officers
Olumide Adewusi
Phone: +2348057743797
Femi Oladeinde
Phone: +2348075041644
Please let’s get them polished and cleaned before send them across, Thanks.
 3: Confirm you availability and willingness to be put in a slot to speak to the students in the 4 quarters of 2016. Be sure to indicate the month(s) and dates of your availability, Thanks. Kindly get in touch with the 1st Vice President
Pastor Ladi Anjorin
Phone: +2348095911329
4: Commit to donate a book or sets of books towards the restoration of the Library. Kindly contact the National General Secretary, who is the Head of the Alumni Office/Secretariat,
Mr. Bayo Akinlade
Phone: +2349054832930

 5: Kindly confirm to the President, Adeniyi Aromolaran, (+2348033016605 or [email protected]) your commitment and willingness to institute a subject award during each session of the school calendar year which will be instituted after your name or as you so desire. And an annual overall award for the best student in each year and at the WAEC Examinations. The award can be in form of books, educational aid, or cash gifts/scholarships. It may be personal or from an organisation.

 6: We need to fix the abandoned Generating Set in the School, the repair cost implication will be made available by the Secretariat ASAP.

Distinguished and Honourable members of GCLOBA, we appeal for your patience to allow EXCO put together our Action Plan document for the next couple of years, this will minimise our running blind, and it will ensure we have a document that serves as a reference point for us today and for the future which can always be scaled up in response to time and seasons. But in the meantime, with the above, we can drive things with your volunteer response as quick wins. We await your communications, further enquiries, comments, contributions, donations and connections that we can leverage on.

My warm regard and a wish for a greater and prosperous 2016.

The next time I will be forwarding a communication would be at the end of the 2nd week in January of 2016, when I believe that Action Plan document should be ready for initial circulation prior to ratification.

My message to the Regions, please you are a part and parcel of the National Body, commence the process of your official structure and along the way we will reach consensus on all areas of concerns, I wish you all well. Please should there be any thoughts that can enhance our proposals and suggestions, do not hesitate to reach me or any other officer of the EXCO and share same. I am totally available and with a listening ear and a heart for action, with a great Team standing by just to do your will.

Up School, Up GCLOBA
Up Lagos,  Up GCLOBA
Up Nigeria Up GCLOBA

Adeniyi Aromolaran
National President
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