Imran Oladapo Shitta-Bey emerges as 15th GCLOBA President

Imran Oladapo Shitta-Bey emerges as 15th GCLOBA President

Sunday 27th of May 2018 marked a remarkable day in the history of GCLOBA, as the association held an election to form the 15th executive of the association.

The campaign which led to the election was indeed fierce as members on different sides exchanged reasons and counter reasons on why they felt their candidate should be voted into office. Indeed it was a heated campaign as members didn’t hide their passion in the course of the campaigns.

Eventually, on election day, members came out in bright colours, dancing, eating, drinking, cracking jokes, and catching fun while reminiscing about old times. For some members, it was a time to reflect on the sorry state of the school, while for others it was a time to catch up and refresh old memories.

After casting their votes, members waited patiently for the votes to be counted. Presiding over the counting of votes, the secretary of the electoral committee – Mr. Odiase Osagie announced Saaka Yusuf and Imran Dapo Shitta-Bey were elected Vice-president 2 and President respectively. The others members of the executive were elected unopposed. They are
Opene Adeshoye -Vice president
Uretse David Edesiri – Secretary
Samuel Okerinde Sijibomi – Assistant Secretary.
Marvin Odih. – Public Relations Officer
Niyi Oshimeyin – Social Secretary
Dike Thaddeus – Welfare Secretary
Ibrahim Kosoko – Treasurer.

As at the time of filing this report the post of financial secretary was still vacant as no one had indicated an interest in the position.

The chairman of the electoral committee thanked members for the opportunity to serve, whilst members of the association commended the committee members for ensuring a smooth, free and fair election.
Commenting after the elections, the other contestants in a show of sportsmanship congratulated the winners. In his acceptance speech, the newly elected president thanked members of the association for trusting him and promised to deliver his campaign promises by ensuring the dream and legacy of founding fathers GCLOBA is achieved during his time.

Indeed GCLOBA is matching on to greater heights.

Marvin Odih.

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