Presidential Address 2015

Presidential Address 2015


My Comrades,

Compliment of the Season to our Old Boys, the Principal, Staff and Students of Government College Lagos.

In my privileged position as The President of GCLOBA, I wish us all very well, trusting that the good Lord will crown all our efforts with good success and grant us the desire of our hearts, as individuals, as an association and the school as a whole.

I also use the opportunity to wish the Governor of Lagos State, His Excellency Akinwunmi Ambode, his EXCO and the entire staff of Lagos State Public Service, Compliment of the Season.

It’s been a couple of weeks since we held the elections and the 40th/41st Anniversary Dinner, and a whole lot as gone on behind the scene regarding what was before, what we desire it to be, how do we go forward, who do we need to engage and at what level and in what dimensions.

I am happy and excited to let us know that it seems all our hearts are beating in similar directions, that is a super encouragement for your EXCO, and by the grace of God, dedication, hard work and passion we will do exceedingly, abundantly far above all our expectations.

Further to my earlier statements of action/plans in my Agenda for the GCLOBA, vis-a-vis, the old boys association, the schools and its students, staff and the government of Lagos State, I am by this note breaking that agenda into little bits of quick wins, short, medium and long term initiatives.

From my various engagements it is obvious we need to do a number of things but we will like to focus immediately on the following:

1: Upgrade basic Facilities in the School such as:
A: Equipping the Library with both physical books and an e-library
B: Provision of additional Tables and Chairs
C: Provision of White Boards
D: Restoring Toilet facilities
E: Reopen and equip the Alumni office/secretariat in the school

It is pleasing to inform us that a class set has already commenced the process of acquiring the White Boards, a big thank you to them.

They are also already working on quotes for the Tables and Chairs, and a number of other quick wins.

In my agenda I had stated that we would encourage strong and vibrant class set initiatives, we will commit a number of National intentions in partnership and collaboration with as many class sets as would volunteer to participate, that we will do and is already happening.

2: Enhance and Improve the Orientation of our present Student in line with current global dictates of taking responsibilities for the outcomes of our lives in challenging situations, entrepreneurship, globalisation and service to humanity.

There is also a need to inspire, motivate and fuel passion in them.

The Teaching and Admin. Staff are not left out, as you can only give what you have, we must empower them with what we have. (I reckon quite a number of us would be in the same age range with a few of the teachers now, so we can give advise, counsel and share wisdom).

We intend to promote the above through the holding of quarterly “Enterprise Week”, in our discussion with the Principal, the 1st is planned for January 2016.

If you recall I did state that our administration will create ‘Platforms of Expression and leverage goodwill’, as I write a number of our Old Boys have committed to drop by in the school periodically to give peep talks sharing their own story with the student in purpose with the Principal and the School management.

We also intend to institute Awards for scholarly excellence in all the subjects at the end of each term.

This will tie to the Annual GCLOBA Awards gala night, that will recognise old boys in the area of the 4 categories we have identified so far:
1: Pioneering Service Award
2: Transformational Leadership Award
3: Enterprise Award, and
4: Career Achievement Award.

We are proposing that the Schools award come with levels of scholarships, we are still fine tuning most of this initiatives to determine workability, sustainability and budget.

Talking about Budgets, EXCO has been constituted into 4 Teams to carry out a number of tasks with a time deadline:

The tasks relate to coming up with a National Budget for the Association, jump starting the Alumni office, the communication/media strategy, the programs implementation strategy and the government engagement plan.

After the 4 Teams have completed their work, EXCO will hold a retreat to harmonise the thoughts into a workable and attractive plan for all to buy into.

Thereafter the Details of the work will be discussed and deliberated with BOT, prior to final communication to the whole house.

I would encourage and welcome ideas from all over, please we need your ideas, comments, thoughts and opinions.

I want to assure all that we need not panic, or become restive, we have to plan, so we don’t plan to fail, we must be clear also about what we have to do, how with who and when, and when are doing that so we can move faster in January.

The Regions are a part and parcel of the National Body, and we encourage you to commence discussion as to how we organise to function as a branch of the National, we should have concluded on this by the end of the 1st quarter of 2016.

In the meantime we will continue to dialogue, and share ideas, I made a commitment to all of you at the Dinner that I would Listen, Listen and Listen some more, but we will Act also.

Regarding the School premises I trust that a clear statement would come forth sometime in January 2016, consultation is ongoing with critical personalities in Lagos State both within the government and with those who have served previously.

Beyond that engagement with the Government, is for us to show commitment to upgrading facilities within the school, enhancing the orientation of our student and the staff.

I want to mention very cautiously a “Give back Welfare Request” we want to push out in January 2016, during my several visits and engagements with the students, I found out that a number wore rubber slippers, and torn uniforms, please can we work on “A Give Up” shoes, cloths etc from among us! The Team of the National 1st VP, Welfare and Social Officers will coordinate the initiative with and for us. Please your Comments.

Finally I must make a mention of a number of our Old Boys who are going through challenging times, either as a result of lack of employment, challenges with their SME business or Enterprise, we have to give them consideration.

I believe that indeed “Knowledge is Light”, we also intend to include them in the planned “Enterprise Week” program, to share knowledge and determine what can be done for and with them.

I trust that you all agree that helping light another’s candle does not mean yours will burn out any faster? And in the same vein, if we can help another person boat to the jetty ours will get there too, so let’s think in this line.

My Comrades, the School and our lives is about people, so let’s focus on enhancing all the “People” connected to GCLOBA. I need and we need each other to make all our desires work, I require us to be open, simple, trusting, supportive and supporting, my heart is persuaded that this is a fine time for us as a “People”, and I am grateful to God for the opportunity, privilege, your trust and passion to commit the Leadership of the Association into my hands.

My Comrades, success is very predictable and attainable, we will do the step by step process to get us there, Amen.


Up School, Up GCLOBA

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