Nomination Deadline for GCLOBA Diaspora 2016 Elections

Nomination Deadline for GCLOBA Diaspora 2016 Elections

The search is on for the Old boys Exco that will give GCLOBA a face and representation in the Diaspora. As Old boys in the Diaspora take a stand and align with our colleagues at home, we send a strong signal that we will not ignore the decay and neglect experienced by our school for decades. As Old boys, we are major stakeholders in the institution. We can choose to rescue the school from the apparent neglect of years or choose to ignore it to total ruin.

This is a clarion call for support and participation to ALL Old boys in the Diaspora. GCL and GCLOBA needs you more than ever before. We appeal to our good hearts and angels to help make GCL and our GCLOBA great again. If we stand together, nothing shall be impossible.

We invite volunteers to step forward to serve in whatever capacity you so choose see available roles/positions here.

Nomination deadline was extended for another week and expires on February 13, 2016 at 11:59 PM.

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